Does Your Business Use Hydraulic Cylinders? Read These Maintenance And Repair Tips

Posted on: 22 December 2022


If your business uses hydraulic cylinders that you rely on every day, you need to learn how to keep them maintained. You also need to know when the hydraulic cylinders need to be repaired so they will continue running for you. Keep reading to learn much more about this so you can keep your business running.

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair and Maintenance

To make things easier, write up a maintenance schedule for you and your employees to follow. The first thing to put on the schedule is keeping the oil clean on the hydraulic cylinder. Just like in vehicles, it is important for the hydraulic cylinder to run on clean oil. If the oil does get dirty, the components and systems can become damaged. You also need to check the filter and clean it if there is debris built up. To take care of this, hire a hydraulic cylinder repair contractor to clean the oil for you.  

Inspect the hydraulic cylinder regularly and look for any signs of wear, pitting, or corrosion. If there is corrosion, there may be too much air, or the hydraulic fluid may be leaking. A repair contractor can find the leak or where the air is coming from. 

Inspect the seals on the hydraulic cylinder to make sure they are intact and have no damage. If the seals are not sealing properly, a repair contractor can replace them for you. 

If the hydraulic cylinder is misaligned this can cause problems with the rod and bearing seals. To repair this, a repair contractor will realign the hydraulic cylinder and repair any problems it caused. They may have to install or replace a new rod or replace the bearing seals. 

Use More Than One Cylinder

If you have the money, purchase more than one cylinder. This way you can rotate them so you do not use one cylinder too much. You could also use the extra cylinder as a spare if your current cylinder has problems and will not run. 

If you do purchase another cylinder, you have to make sure you store it properly. It should be fully retracted while in storage. Always store it in a dry, clean indoor area. Put grease on the internal surfaces. A repair contractor can tell you the type of grease to use and how to do this. 

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