When To Replace Your Building's Door Lites

Posted on: 25 August 2020


Many doors will utilize door lites that are able to be a source of light into the building while also allowing individuals to see who is at the door more easily. While these features can be common in commercial doors, many individuals may fail to appreciate that it can be necessary to replace the door lites at some point.

Wanting To Change The Type Of Glass Pane Used In The Door Lite

The type of glass that is used in the door lite can have important impacts on the appearance of the doors as well as their functionality. For example, some businesses may wish to increase their privacy while still allowing light to enter through these glass panes. In this situation, it may be advisable to switch to an opaque glass that will be able to stop those outside from seeing into the building while still allowing ample amounts of light to pass through. Additionally, some businesses or homeowners may wish to upgrade to a door lite that has a decorative design in it.

Damage To The Door Lite Itself

If the door lite has suffered damage, it will need to be replaced as soon as possible in order to keep the building secure and safe from weather-related damages. Otherwise, it could be possible for rain to enter through the damaged door lite or for individuals to use this opening to gain access to the building. There can be many other types of damage that a door lite can suffer. One of these can be from routine wear, such as the weatherstripping around the edge of the door lite failing or the pane of glass becoming loose enough to rattle when the door moves.

Energy Efficiency Concerns

If you are wanting to improve the energy-efficiency of your building, you will need to invest time into eliminating all of the potential sources of energy loss that are impacting the building. Unfortunately, aging door lites can be prone to being a source of energy loss due to the fact that there can be small gaps along the edges of the door lite that will allow significant amounts of air to pass through. Additionally, the glass itself can also contribute to energy loss by transferring the heat or cold from the outdoors into the building. Older door lites can be especially prone to this problem as they may use less energy-efficient glass. Upgrading the door lites can help to address both of these sources of energy-inefficiencies so that you can help to lower the energy costs of your building.

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