3 Main Categories Of Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines

Posted on: 6 August 2020


If you need parts of equipment cleaned so not a single tract of contaminants are left on the equipment, you are going to want to purchase some ultrasonic cleaning equipment for your business. Ultrasonic cleaning equipment is capable of cleaning parts in a manner that no other equipment can by using sound waves to clean your equipment. When it comes to purchasing an ultrasonic cleaning machine, there are three primary categories of machines you need to be aware of.

Main Category #1: Table-Top Machines

Don't be fooled by the name tabletop, these machines can vary from having half-gallon capacity all the way up to a ten-gallon capacity. They can still get some serious work done, but they are also small enough that they can be positioned on a table or workbench.

Table-top machines are designed to be portable, so if you want a cleaning machine you can easily move around, this is the size you want to go with. Table-top machines are generally best for light-duty cleaning, where the items don't have a lot of hard to remove contaminants on them, or for smaller parts.

Main Category #2: Medium-Capacity Machines

A medium-capacity machine usually varies from around ten gallons to thirty gallons. Medium capacity machines are often referred to as industrial machines, due to where they are used. These types of machines are much larger than their table-top counterparts and can handle cleaning larger parts as well as parts with tricky contaminants, such as oil, on them. Medium-capacity ultrasonic cleaning machines are big enough to meet the needs of lots of different industries, such as the automotive and aerospace industry.

You can sometimes purchase medium-capacity machines on casters, so they are portable, although more often than not, medium-capacity machines are stationary.

Main Category #3: Large-Capacity Machines

Large-capacity machines are big and exceed 50 gallons in size. You can find large capacity machines that are 100 to 200 gallons and larger in size. Industrial machines are made to handle large parts, as well as parts that are covered in tough to remove contaminants, such as oil and grease.

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines often have multiple levels of capacity, and you can do more than just clean with the machine. Oftentimes, industrial-sized ultrasonic cleaning machines can both clean, rinse, and dry the equipment inside of them.

If you have equipment that needs to be cleaned, you need to assess the size of the equipment and how contaminated the equipment is. Small to medium-sized equipment can be handled with a table-top or medium-capacity machine. Larger parts and more contaminated parts need a large-capacity industrial machine.