Key Advice For Those Buying Shoulder Screws For Work

Posted on: 9 July 2020


Shoulder screws are unique in that they have a shoulder between the head and thread. They're used in a lot of different industries today. If you plan on incorporating them into your operations, these buying tips will help you make a sound investment. 

Decide Between Custom Made and Standard Sizes

In terms of a shoulder screw's dimensions, you can go with custom or standard sizes. Which option you go with really depends on what the shoulder screws are being used for.

If you're working on a very unique project with varied materials, then you may need shoulder screws custom-made to support these operations.

Conversely, if you're just using the screws for a pretty common application, you may be able to go with standard sizes. Knowing which size option to go with helps ensure the shoulder screws work out perfectly for your needs. 

Assess Intended Environment

It's very important to take into account the intended environment of these shoulder screws. This aspect can vary greatly from screw to screw, so knowing what conditions your screws will be exposed to is important.

For example, if the screws will be exposed to outside conditions, you would want them having some sort of protective coating on them. They will then not be damaged easily or rust over the years.

Or the shoulder screws may be used on equipment that will be strictly indoors, in which case you don't need to have as durable of a design. You can then avoid a protective finish and cut costs on this shoulder screw investment.

Find a Credible Supplier

Whatever type of shoulder screws you end up buying for an upcoming work project, it's important that they are high quality and are exactly what you want. You can take comfort about both aspects when you find a credible supplier.

They should have a long history of providing customers just like yourself with high-quality shoulder screws that last. You also want to work with a supplier that lets you protect your investment with guarantees or warranties. Finally, compare prices of different suppliers so that you avoid overspending on these parts. 

If you're in need of shoulder screws for an upcoming project, it's important to carefully assess important factors in the beginning. These should include longevity, intended environment, sizing, and supplier. Analyzing these details will ultimately help you find shoulder screws that are perfect and do exactly what you need them to do.