Marine Fastener Options That Are Available To You

Posted on: 27 February 2020


There are several types of marine construction fasteners you can choose from. By knowing the type of fasteners that are available, you can figure out which fastener will be the best for your project.

All-Thread Rods

An all-thread rod is a rod that has a thread throughout. The thread is the part of the fastener that allows the fastener to secure itself to the object that is being fastened. The head, which doesn't exist with all fasteners, exists to allow the thread to be screwed into the object.


A U-bolt is a bolt that has a U-shape and has threads on both ends. These bolts are most often used to support structures such as pipes. U-bolts can also be used for holding ropes and can be useful under marine applications.

Timber Bolts

Timber bolts are typically used under marine applications. It has a large, rounded, and low-profile head with two nubs. Because the head is oversized, it eliminates the need for an iron washer. This allows for cost savings. 

Hex Bolts

This type of bolt comes with a flange cast that is washer-like. It is cast into a hexagonal head of a bolt. With a hex bolt, the torque and clamping area is spread out across a wider area. These bolts are so reliable that they are often used in the automotive industry.

Hex Lag Screws

Hex lag screws are similar to bolts in that they have hexagonal heads. Lag screws are considered the toughest types of screws and are ideal for marine applications. Lag screws require somewhat more work because you will need to drill a hole before you can screw in a lag screw. However, the improved durability makes the lag screw worth it.

Float Rods

Float rods are the same as anchor rods and only have a different name because they are used under different applications. They are made out of low-carbon steel and have threads on both ends. The anchor rods, on the other hand, are designed to be embedded into concrete. 

Carriage Bolts

This type of bolt is intended to fasten metal to wood. A distinct characteristic of a carriage bolt is that it has a mushroom-shaped head. There is a square section that is immediately underneath the head.

Once you understand how each fastener can be used, you can choose a fastener that will be reliable and that will also keep costs low. 

To learn more, contact a store that carries marine fasteners.