3 Major Advantages Of Having An Electroplating Finish Applied To Metals

Posted on: 24 February 2020


If you're ordering metal materials and are looking to put a protective finish on them, one option you might consider is an electroplating finish. This is where metal ions are bonded to a metal's surface through electrical charges. It's an innovative finish that comes with the following benefits today. 

More Durable 

There are a lot of metals that need to be as durable as possible. This is particularly true when your metals will be exposed to harsh environments outside. In this case, your metals can benefit greatly from an electroplating finish.

When this type of finish is applied to your metals, they will become much more durable. They will — in fact — become corrosion-resistant. So if your metals are exposed to some extreme environments like rain and dirt, their structural integrity will still remain intact. Thus, you can save on chronic repairs and replacements. 

Less Friction

If you are combining metals together and sliding is a required operation, then you definitely want to consider having an electroplating finish applied to these pieces. That is because the electroplating finish can reduce friction.

As opposed to metal surfaces sticking, they will slide along just fine. This helps your operations play out perfectly, saving you from having to spend a lot of time making adjustments. Additionally, since your metal pieces will slide along each other's surface more easily, you don't have to worry about scraping or heating. These problems could be costly to deal with. 


When enhancing your metals' properties in different ways, you may be worried about the costs involved. You can set aside this apprehension when you consider an electroplating finish for your metals. This type of finish is actually pretty cost-effective. There are plenty of contractors that offer these today at affordable rates. 

You can save even more money by comparing the rates of these contractors. After getting some quotes, you can see what option is the most affordable. This is ideal if you're on a tight budget for an upcoming metal project. Just make sure the quality of this finish isn't sacrificed for a more affordable rate from a contractor. 

You may be working with different metals that need special properties, such as extra durability and less friction. In this case, one of the best finishes you can have applied to these materials is an electroplating finish. It's readily available today and comes with so many great advantages.