Concrete Pavement Protective Products & Care

Posted on: 11 February 2020


Due to exterior concrete pavements being exposed to extreme weather and a variety of other things, concrete can sometimes get damaged in an untimely manner. Repairing a small area of concrete isn't usually a big problem, but you might find the task more difficult and pricier when you are dealing with a substantial amount of damage over a large area. If you don't want to deal with untimely damage to your concrete pavements, take extra steps to protect the surface from making direct contact with outside elements, people walking on it, and products being spilled and creating stains. How well the pavements are taken care of is important when it comes to damage prevention. Hiring a professional to apply the protective concrete coating products can be done if you desire to add extra protection.

Epoxy Coatings Are Clear and Appealing

A popular option for protecting concrete pavements is to apply an epoxy product to the surface. One of the reasons for epoxy products being popular is because they dry up with a clear finish. The clear and glossy product is appealing and offers a great level of protection against outside elements, such as rainwater. Epoxy coatings are also resistant when it comes to corrosion and peeling, which means you won't have to deal with too much maintenance. You might find that the glossy finish is more suitable for outdoor pavements such as garages or patio areas rather than walkways.

Concrete Paint Is an Affordable Option

A great protective product for concrete pavements to consider is paint, but you must ensure that the right type is purchased. You don't want to apply paint that is designed only to add beauty to your house because it can quickly become damaged upon exposure to outside elements. There is paint that is specifically designed for outdoor bricks and pavements, and it can provide a satisfactory amount of protection. For example, if you purchase masonry paint, it will have the ability to expand with the concrete during various weather conditions. It is the binding elements in masonry paint that make it an ideal option for concrete as typical outdoor paints will begin to crack and peel away as the concrete expands.

Maintenance for Concrete Pavements

Freezing and thawing from cold weather is one of the main things that can cause damage to concrete pavements. Maintenance should include filling in cracks to prevent rainwater from falling into them. Preventing rainwater from freezing up in cracks can prevent them from becoming larger from the pressure of the ice. Applying protective products will make it more difficult for cracks to develop, but in the event that it happens, always be sure to promptly fill them in.